"Yesterday we played a match play tournament and I applied some of your methods and it made a huge difference in my game. [... it made me feel so confident. Long story short, I eagled 9 so we took the team match. I was down 1 with 2 to go in individual match play and won 17 and 18 with clutch 5 foot par putts and won. Oh, and feel free to use these comments any way you want, this is by far the best money I've ever spent on my golf game. I look forward to doing some private sessions with you in the future."

Rob Bartos
Southwick, MA

Revolutionary New Mental Game Coaching System Creates Instant Inner Calm, Improves Focus and Makes You Thrive Under Pressure

Imagine harnessing the power of a method that makes you actually crave pressure, hit the quality shots when it matters most, feel no nerves over must make putts and play with an unstoppable inner confidence no matter what your handicap...

"I wonder if I'll be able to hit the ball the way I need to. Geez, I hope people don't think my game sucks. Will they be thinking "what is this guy doing in this tournament anyways, he's got no game." I won't be able to handle it if I can't play well tomorrow. Maybe I can call and drop out of the tournament."

This was from Brett, a NitroMind student. His inner demons were crushing him. He'd lost before he started. You can see he had almost no chance of playing to his potential or enjoying the game. He's not alone. How many of these are ruining your game?

    • Uncontrollable nerves
    • Inability to focus
    • Increased sense of pressure over important shots
    • Negative self talk
    • Performance anxiety
    • Mentally giving up
    • Not being able to pull of the shots needed when it matters most
    • And the list goes on...

Stop trying to wrestle with your inner demons,
it's a fight you can't win

What you resist persists...

What demons do you try and wrestle into submission? How successful have your inner battles been? If you're like many golfers I work with you continue to leave the golf course frustrated and perhaps even wonder if it's worth playing the game at all.frustratedgolfer

The sad truth is it will stay like this unless you make some changes in how you use your mind.

It's kind of like being trapped in a room and the building is on fire. There are two doors and a window but there are flames on the other side of the window and smoke is billowing under the cracks of the doors. You desperately need to get out but you can't find a way.

One thing's for sure, no one wants to be stuck in a burning building with no way out. Sadly, that's exactly what's happening to most golfers every round they play. They're suffocating on the mental fumes of their own uncontrollable mind.

Remember, what you resist persists. The more you struggle the worse things get.

The Discovery that Changed the Game, Forever...

You see, this is Wade here (you'll meet Coach "Nitro" who's the other half of NitroMind Golf in a minute) I have a background in the Psychology of Human Excellence. I'm an NLP Trainer with Ericksonian Hypnosis training and a host of other mind improving skillsets. My life, before golf, was focused on helping others achieve real, dramatic improvements in mental and physical performance. Then, just like you, I got infected with the golf bug and was obsessed with playing as well as I could.

In a minute you'll find out that I taught myself how to golf, without taking lessons, but wanted more than just a good swing. I wanted to win and play well all the time! But, like you, I experienced frustration at not being able to duplicate my great rounds and play as well in tournaments and competitive situations.

That was until I discovered something, almost by accident, that changed my game and the games of private clients and students from all over the world. It is so powerful and effective at dissolving virtually every single mental issue a golfer faces. The endless issues that prevent you from playing the way you are capable of.

Yet what you're about to learn is it has NOTHING to do with the swing and EVERYTHING to do with how you use your mind. As any real golfer knows once you can hit the ball the rest of the game is almost all mental.

The Nitro Mind Golf Method Was Born

While teaching myself how to golf through applying advanced peak performance strategies and accelerated learning techniques I got down to a 3 handicap. Not bad, huh. Then another game changer happened. I met Jayson "Coach Nitro" Rite and he and I combined a warehouse of peak performance "mind" tools and created NitroMind Golf. We formed a two pronged approach that will transform ANYONE'S game. Guaranteed.

Other golfers began hearing about our results and begged us to work with them. With a 35 year certified teaching professional in Jayson, an accomplished golfer himself, who is also a former Canadian Olympic qualifier, and an outside the box mind coach in Wade, clients were getting a double pronged attack on their entire game!

One client said it best, "you guys may not have Phd's but you clearly have a masters in results and I want the results you're getting!" A few of them admiringly nicknamed Wade the Golf Whisperer and Jayson is known as Coach "Nitro" because of the turbocharged results he gets and his explosive, focused mind for success.

So we started working with golfers of all skill levels, men, women and children. Something incredible happened, almost be accident. This discovery has become like a Viagra for your mind. Real, Predictable, Measurable, Mental Potency. You're about to see why this analogy fits so well...

"It's The Best Inner Game Training I've Ever Seen"

Bobby McIver

The Nitro Mind Golf material is the best mental game instructional training I have ever seen in over 30 years as a golf professional at the highest level and I am personal friends with several of the well known mental game gurus on the PGA Tour.

There has never been a champion that didn't have a strong mind and the ability to control their thoughts and their focus. These methods are comprehensive and reveal the fundamentals of the inner game more succinctly than anything I have ever seen."

Bobby McIver, PGA Tour Coach & Author of The Heart of the Game

What do Viagra, covert mental game training
& lower scores have in common?

Did you know that Viagra was an accident? The Pfizer company was working on a drug for a completely different purpose and were doing clinical trials. Then from participant feedback they found a peculiar side effect: men were staying erect for hours! This had nothing to do with what they were developing the drug for. What does this have to do with improved mental performance in your golf game? Everything...

The side-effect became more powerful (and with some stimulating benefits...) than the original purpose of the drug! It was an accident. So here I was working away on golfers' games from all over the world using covert mental techniques we'd developed during these personal client "trials."

(what we were doing began to spread very quickly by word of mouth alone. We didn't promote it at all yet we began getting swamped with requests)

We worked with visualization techniques, visualization for golfunique mental imagery exercises and some insanely potent mental drills. Yet our focus when working with players was just to improve their game and make them learn it faster.

And then something incredible happened. The game changing event slapped us in the face! We were shocked we didn't see it earlier.

The "AHA" moment struck us when dozens of students began sending feedback and testimonials on how calm and confident they were while playing the game. They told us they stopped feeling nervous over shots. Their focus improved. A laundry list of mental game issues as long as your arm were melting away, one after another.

We're going to show you how this side effect has become the biggest breakthrough in game improvement in the past 30 years. Big claim? Yes. Can we prove it. Yes. It will save you more strokes than a big headed driver or a new set of irons EVER will!

It's like taking a magic pill that unlocks the
full potential of your mind & body

Imagine having a simple system, a method so potent at supercharging your mind it's like taking a magic pill that cures every conceivable inner game problem you experience??? This is exactly what the NitroMind Golf method does. It will take your mind places you've never been on the golf course, guaranteed.

Are you ready to enter a whole new world in golf? Do you want bpillthe red pill or the blue one? Yes, just like Morpheus in the Matrix he asks you to choose a pill: the red one or the blue one.

The red pill is what you're already taking, by default. Not doing anything IS taking the red pill. It's the toughest pill to swallow and easiest to choke on yet golfers will mindlessly continue to take it. Your experiences will continue to stay the same, game after game after game.

The Red Pill Golfer's World

redx Negative self talk - you beat yourself up after almost every shot - if you talked to others the way you talk to yourself you'd probably have no friends and for sure few playing partners...

redx Missed pressure putts - contantly missing that putt to win or shoot a personal best score

redx Bad swings at the wrong time - just when you need it least "that" swing shows up

redx Play worse in compeition - it's easy to play well with no-one watching or nothing on the line but how well do you play when competing?

redx Uncontrollable nerves - first tee jitters and even score crushing nervousness while you play

redx Lack of focus - a scattered mind that can't focus will never allow you to shoot your lowest scores.

redx Poor decision making - not thinking clearly and being certain your shot selection and club selection are the BEST for the situation

redx Easily distracted - someone walking or talking near you, coughing, birds chirping or whatever else, scatters your brain and you lose focus on your shot

redx Mentally giving up when things aren't going good - this is a killer of ever being a great player.

 And this is just a short list!

Be honest with yourself, how many strokes a round are you losing every time you play?

Blue Pill Golfer's World with Golf Whisperer Training

check-blue Laser focus - you don't even notice distractions because you're so dialed in

check-blue Calm under pressure - this will stun your playing partners at how casually you make clutch shots and putts

check-blue Mental toughness - you'll have a "never quit" attitude, regardless of your score and when the going gets tough you dig even deeper

check-blue Clear decision making - this will save you a several strokes a round -
Feeling excitement and anticipation for competitive matches and tournaments

check-blue Mastery over your nerves - quick and lasting methods for staying calm, centered and relaxed from the first tee to the last putt

check-blue Play better in competition than in casual rounds - yes, BETTER! Enter the zone at will - No-one else is teaching this. Know why? They don't know how. There's a path that leads to the zone and we'll give you the GPS

It's time to take control of your mind and your game and play to the level you KNOW you are capable of, isn't it?

Covert mental techniques used by green beret's,
olympic athletes, martial artists and secretly
by a handful of pga pros...

Do you think it's an accident that when Tiger Woods was at his peak years ago he had the most dominant mind the game has ever seen? His mental toughness and focus are legendary. I have yet to see any player even close to his level of mental control, have you?

This wasn't by accident, fluke, luck or chance. It was by design. Hypnosis training and advanced mental strategies were used throughout his early years. We modelled these strategies, built on them and created an entirely new system that has taken things to a new level never before seen in golf. Bold statement? Sure. Can we prove it? Absolutely.

Better yet we'll let our clients do it. After all, they're the reason this method exists...

"I racked up 5 birdies & won the competition by a mile!"

Sandy Catford, UK Sandy Catford, UK, GoKart Golf

"I was in a competitive tournament and  it was pouring rain. Usually I'd be making excuses and expect to play poorly but I decided to mentally commit to playing the best I could. I had a poor start, three putting the first two greens. Then racked up five birdies during the round. Sure I made a couple of mistakes but it was one of the most mentally solid rounds of golf I've ever played. I was four under my handicap, bringing my playing handicap down to 4. I won the competition by a mile!

Afterwards my county captain remarked on how consistently well I'm playing and wanted to know what had happened. I just said I'd made some changes and smiled!"

Peter Sykes, South Africa

"I am making real progress towards unconscious golf. The amount of times I burst out laughing at a great shot just by applying the principles you taught continues to surprise me….because it works! I'm gaining an ability to trust my swing using your brilliant way to pick out a target. To “See" the shot and vizualise it by picturing it in a place just between my eyes in my forehead (sounds crazy!)-but it is the first time I have understood just HOW to vizualise "physically" rather than intellectually. Your incredibley practical training shows the correct way to focus and de-stress on the course. Great program."

Thanks once again. 🙂

Sobering facts about the reality of golf today

  • The average score of all golfers has not went down by more than 1 stroke in the past 30 years! I'd say buying bigger drivers and obsessing over the swing has proven to be a failed strategy. That is if your goal is to shoot lower scores...
  • 95% of all golfers NEVER break 90
  • Less than 5% of golfers reach a single digit handicap

Hey, I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but facing reality is the first step toward real change. Are you ready for more than just a "quick tip" or short term improvement? Do you want the keys to the Ferrari of your mind and your game so shooting low scores becomes a habit, not a just pipe dream?

The "Perfect Swing" Myth

There's no such thing as a perfect swing. Yet this underlying illusion that there is one has people pounding balls 'til their hands bleed, reading swing tips in golf magazines, watching hundreds of golf swing videos, jumping on the latest golf trend or training aid in search of something that doesn't exist.

We're not saying taking lessons and improving your swing shouldn't be done, of course! After all, Coach Nitro is has been a teaching pro for over 35 years so we know the importance and value of an effective swing. But there is no such thing as a perfect swing. Period. We're not going to give you the next hippest tip, gimmick or trendy fad in golf.

What we're giving the junior golfers is a total game transformation. In a way that changes your entire game REGARDLESS of what swing philosophy you have. This works with all swings and all ages and skill levels.

"I've never putted better in over 35 years of playing"


I want to thank you for a great program...As you know I was very skeptical of the program, but I really committed to the process.  I still have a ways to go but I've seen tremendous progress in my game since adopting your coaching...I've never putted better in my 35 years of playing...love the three looks & the precision on the cup & ball...brilliant...

As a 10+ handicap golfer my whole life, my handicap has now dropped to single digits. In the last two weeks alone I've shot 74 & 76 at my home course...On one of the 9 hole sides I shot 1 under. That's crazy good for me!

You helped me realize that I'm a really good golfer. I now expect greatness. Does it always happen? Of course not, but I'm loving the journey of getting better more than ever before.

Oh, I "was" a 10 handicap and now my index is 6.7!

Doug Mewmaw, USA

Stop pounding balls 'til your hands bleed
hoping to play your best golf

It doesn't matter if you have a so called "perfect swing" if you can't pull the trigger when it matters most. It is meaningless to have a silky putting stroke if you can't pull the putter back or commit to your stoke on those must make putts.

It's a colassal waste of time to assume kids can pound balls until their hands bleed in hopes that they'll dig a better mental game out of the dirt. palmbleed

If I came to you and said "my car is running like crap, what should I do?" you wouldn't recommend I go get a new paint job, would you? Of course, not!

Even if you had no clue about cars you'd suggest I get a tune up or do something to the engine, right?!

So why do people believe they can just work on their swing for endless hours, weeks, months and even years and ignore the area that needs the most attention and fine tuning: your mind!

The engine of the swing was, is and always will be a mind/body connection. Mind first - body second.

Answer these important questions:

  • Do you know how to set your personal rhythm to unlock consistency?
  • Do you know how to channel your nerves in seconds?
  • Do you understand how to instantly focus your mind?
  • Do you have a natural mental toughness?
  • Do you have a "winner's mindset" and play wiith this attitude?
  • Have you ever truly been in "the zone" and do you know how to get back there?

Your game will never be the same again. A lifetime of better scores awaits you

Your friends or competitors won't be able to figure out why and how you're playing so consistently. They won't see anything in your swing and will wonder what you've been working on that has you playing so incredibley well. It's a very cool feeling!

It's kind of like having a covert, insider's knowledge that unlocks the secrets of the inner game so effortlessly it's astonishing. You'll wish you knew this stuff years ago! It's time to grab the keys to the Ferrari of your mind and use the most effective mental game strategies in golf.

Get ready to feel a brand new thrill while seeing the look on your playing partners' faces as they watch in astonishment as you blow right past them in the growth of your game. And of course they'll be buying the drinks after the round a lot more often than you will!


"I shot my lowest score ever - 65"

"I had to write you and tell you what happened. I played an incredibly solid round using your coaching methods. I've played many solid rounds really but this one stands out!

After a routine par on number one, I birdie 2, 3, & 4. Settled in with pars and then have a rare miss of a short par putt on #9 and take bogey - [Shot] 2 under par 34 with 12 putts on the front. I drain putts for birdie on 10, 11, 12, and 13 - add one on 15 and 17 and then take bogey on a difficult par 4 finishing hole (I went right at the pin - the approach landed in the fringe, close to the hole, and backed up into a bunker with a less than perfect lie.)

And the interesting thing was I wasn't upset. I was calm. Then added my scores... Anyway, I card a 65 - my best round ever!

Here's my scorecard."

Gene Greenawalt, USA

Say goodbye to ALL these score killing mental breakdowns

* First tee jitters - hard to settle down and focus on your opening tee shot

* Anger & frustration - have difficulty controlling your state of mind and/or over-react to poor shots

* Playing worse in competition - If you plan to play your best you must deal with this issue.

* Rushing your pre-shot routine - or worse, not having one.

* Lack of focus - scattered attention is like a mental sieve...your mental game shouldn't have more holes than a golf course...

* Course management errors - are you playing the course or is it playing you?

* Choking under pressure - I know, no-one likes to actually admit they do this, but it happens to all of us.

The NitroMind Golf coaching program will dissolve ALL of the issues and more. Plus it will massively accelerate your learning so any golf lessons you do take will be absorbed by your mind and body like a dry sponge dipped into a tub of water! Just another side benefit of this coaching.

Here's a look at what else you get inside the
jam packed Member's Area...

Finding Your Game and Playing Your Game

Ebook - Finding Your Game - 29 pages

Golf doesn’t build character, it reveals it. In this section you’ll explore what you’re truly made of.

  • Understand what "Playing Your Game" really means
  • Discover your "Playing Style" - We created these profiles and they provide instant course management skills without having to "think" about it.
  • Make those dreaded blow up holes a thing of the past!
  • Learn how to eliminate anger from your game forever

Video - Unlocking Your Imagination & Building Belief

You’ll master the art of setting goals the NitroMind Golf way that propels you to achieve them using the Powerhouse Goal Achievement process. Start setting specific goals to take your game as far as it can go. This process will get you fully connected and committed to reaching all of your goals of shooting your personal best scores.

Change your mind and change your game. You’ll be coached on how to gain access to your peak states, your best memories and channel them into your game to shoot lower scores. This will lead into the full pre-shot routine section in later sections where you’ll link all of your excellence into your pre-shot routine and play on auto-pilot: THE ZONE.

AudioDissolving First Tee Jitters Almost every golfer has experienced this nerve shattering, swing crippling problem. Finally there is a clear, simple process that will eliminate this from your game and have you walking calmly to the first tee. Focused, clear and relaxed with a sense of inner confidence just as if it was the 4th or 5th hole…

The End of Nerves, Anxiety & Slumps

When was the last time you got nervous on the golf course? Did you play well? Was it fun!? Not likely. Negative nerves cripple most every golfer's game. Have you ever experienced a slump? This is golf hell if you've ever been in one. These ailments will be a thing of the past...

Ebook - Dissolving Nerves, Anxiety & Slumps - 27 pages

This section focuses on specific processes and exercises to eliminate these score crippling issues. You’ll also explore what winning really means to you. How do you relate to winning and how does this relationship affect your performance? These powerful insights transform how you look at winning and gives you the perspectives that encourage the very best from your game in the critical moments.

Video - Preparation, Rhythm & Consistency

Learn techniques to mentally prepare for your rounds and/or tournaments. Develop the skill of setting your own personal rhythm on the golf course and keep it. This is a key to consistency. If you plan to play the best you can and to shoot the lowest scores you can you must master these processes.

AudioThe Slump Killer

This exercise literally dissolves your slumps. It will transform how you view slumps forever and, more importantly, end any slump you find yourself in. If you're coming back from an injury confidence can be shot and this process will dissolve the inner conflicts around getting your game back and the confidence loss that can happen.

The Circle of Excellence Your Pre-shot Routine Launchpad

This process puts your pre-shot routine on steroids! This technique is built around the pre-shot routine and is so powerful that when competing you'll feel as calm & centered as a Zen monk. You'll have an edge that other golfers will never know about...

Ebook The Circle of Excellence - 28 pages

This is the culmination of The "NitroMind Golf Elite Coaching" and everything you'll be learning. The Circle of Excellence will have a tremendous impact on your ability to hit the kinds of shots you dream of. To play the kind of golf you’ve always wanted to play. To perform to your highest capabilities, no matter your current skill level. To handle pressure with a sense of joy and anticipation...

Video - Creating Your Personal Excellence

You’ll learn step-by-step how to apply and experience the Circle of Excellence and design the perfect pre-shot routine for you. Ultimately these will become one experience. Understand the relationship between the pre-shot planning stage and the pre-shot routine. Acquiring these strategies launch your game to a whole new level. Prepare to shoot the best scores of your life!

AudioDesigning Your Pre-Shot Routine

Every top player in the game has a well oiled pre-shot routine. This process allows you to hit the best shot possible and grounds you into your own state of personal excellence. The NitroMind Golf pre-shot routine is literally the launch pad for you playing your very best golf. This audio session walks you through designing the perfect routine for you and incorporate the Circle of Excellence.

This is absolutely must hear material! Actually it's must experience material as there is definitely nothing even close to this process being taught in the world of golf!

Want More Proof?

"I broke the course record with a 63"

“I am not normally one to send a message like this but I thought it the right thing to do… I have applied your methods as you taught them. I have played off scratch or better for the last 25 years. On Saturday I shot 63 at Bearwood Lakes (www.bearwoodlakes.co.uk - Results are posted) in England and broke the course record while playing in the monthly medal.

The feeling of achievement was phenomenal. The reason for letting you know this is that I was 8 under after 11 holes and... [by] applying these mental techniques I managed to keep it together and finish the round, eventually finishing at 9 under.

Many thanks for your coaching system and I believe this can help anyone in the game to get more enjoyment out of it, no matter what their level of golf.”

Mark Bradley
United Kingdom

The Stairway to Golf Heaven...

Enter The Zone on Command
Mastering the State of "Flow" to Shoot the Lowest Scores of Your Life

What is the zone, really? We’ve all heard the term and many of us have experienced it. Yet what if you had a way to consciously walk into your own zone and knew how to set the stage within yourself that allowed this to happen at will?

  • Learn the keys to stepping into your zone at will
  • Understand the power of using a Post Shot and "Between Shot" Routine

Ebook – Peak States, The Zone & Shooting the Lowest Scores of Your Life! - 35 pages

What is the zone, really? We’ve all heard the term and many of us have experienced it. Yet what if you had a way to consciously walk into your own zone and knew how to set the stage within yourself that allowed this to happen at will? In this section are Performance Tracking Sheets that you’ll use to monitor your progress. It will literally be a window into your own development as a player!

Video Putting it All Together – It’s Time to Go Low

Learn how to use a post-shot routine and the between shot routine get the most out of your game and keep it in top shape throughout each round. This section contains a full coaching session on how to take your very best driving range swing to the golf course. This technique isn’t available anywhere else and will have you hitting better shots on the course than at the range! How good will this be to shooting consistently lower scores?

Audio - Enter The Zone

The ultimate peak state for every golfer. Sadly though, most players never know what this state is or how to get there. It’s a fantasy and simply a nice idea for most golfers. Not for you! In this session you will delve deeply into creating your own flow state. You’ll truly feel the place where you play effortless golf and things happen with ease. You’ll experience that natural, effortless game you know is possible. Now it is…

Personal Performance Tracking

You also get specially crafted Performance Tracking Sheets that you’ll use to monitor your progress. It will literally be a window into your own development as a player! Covering virtually every aspect of your inner and outer game this process will become a blueprint for your performance. 

You'll understand once and for all what playing in the state of Pure Flow and on autopilot is all about and exactly how to do it...

Here's what you get in this game changing system

Video - Audio - eBooks

Great for ALL Learning Styles

The fact is people learn in different ways. Some prefer watching in order to learn, some like to read and others want to "hear" what's going on. So it makes sense to get training in ALL 3 modalities, wouldn't you agree? Students said that's one thing they really love about the coaching, it's good for everyone and leaves no-one out.

paperbackbookstanding_849x1126 (1)eBooks - 172 Pages


  • Breakthrough techniques in unleashing the power of your subconscious mind and makes scoring effortless
  • Simple to use strategies to unlock your imagination to hit those "trouble" shots with ease and amaze your golfing partners!
  • The 4 stages of mastery - this is the staircase that walks you into your zone and gets you shooting your personal best scores consistently
  • Powerful Visualization - Master the art of seeing your shots in advance. This is critical to ALL successful shot making and scoring.
  • The End of Nerves - finally you'll take control of score killing nerves and learn how to create instant inner calm
  • Advanced pre shot routine training - there's nothing like this being taught today! Your consistency will explode once you know this technique!
  • The Focus Factor - Specific mental game principles that dial in your mind to its highest level and keep you focused from the first shot to the last putt
  • The End of Distractions - Techniques & drills that let you ignore anything around you. You only notice the moment you're in: the shot itself!
  • Channeling your attention - Not knowing this is costing you strokes right now. You are leaving strokes on the golf course each and every round without it.
  • The Power of Beliefs! - This is a real breakthrough in understanding how beliefs are formed and exactly how to design new ones that support your greatest desires as a player.
  • Enter the Zone - Years of development lead to the discovery of a predictable way to calmly, effortlessly step into the zone when playing. Especially when competing
  • Performance Tracking - You get custom tracking sheets with every conceivable area of the game that you track your progress.
  • The written part of this training is the most comprehensive mental game training available anywhere at any price. Period. And we guarantee it.

disc_876x876 (1)Videos


  • 6 exclusive video coaching sessions covering everything you'll learn in the books and much more.
  • Elite Pre-shot routine training with a proprietary method called THE CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE
  • Learn how to create inner confidence in scoring that isn't dependant on how well you're hitting the ball
  • The power of effortless focus and how this is the doorway to your lowest scores
  • Play from an inner calmness which allows you to "score" even when you feel like you're not playing well
  • Master your imagination and experience the rush of playing carefree, fearless golf!
  • Understand the #1 key that never lets you quit, no matter how you're playing. True mental toughness
  • The incredible, score crushing power of your subconscious mind
  • Mental imagery processes that peak athletes and Olympians use to be at their absolute best
  • The hidden vault of consistency - you'll play with twice as good when you use both sides of your brain!
  • The Difference between "thinking swing" and "playing golf" - You'll learn to become a scorer, not a swing thinker like most every golfer
  • The Focus Factor -  This one simple key will transform your ability to focus. In fact it is so simple & powerful it will change your game right away...
  • Learn the power of letting go and how this is when you actually gain control
  • Developing a Pre-Shot Routine that's right for YOU - This is not taught anywhere! Doing it as we teach will shave several strokes off your game. This will take your game to another level. It's the key to going really low...and when you learn how to add the Circle of Excellence to this, well, I pity your playing partners...
  • 2 Keys to using your nerves as an asset to your game - You'll learn how you can actually play better with nerves than without them - this will win you more matches than you can imagine
  • Mental Imagery Mainlining - Why you must master mental imagery to shoot your lowest scores - you'll get loads of exercises to make sure you do
  • Exactly how to gain massive benefit from the full power of your imagination
  • The structure of your beliefs and how to design new ones as a phenomenal player - When you understand this you'll be amazed at how easily you'll start shooting lower scores, guaranteed
  • Advanced Mental Preparation & Rhythm techniques and their direct influence on your consistency
  • How to Get in the Flow - or the Zone as most people call it, and exactly how to enter yours

cdcaseblankdisc_800x550 (1)Audio Sessions

Specifically designed to reprogram your mind with the Mind Power Breakthrough principles and get you "conditioned" to shoot lower scores. You get 6 professionally recorded audio sessions that speak to your conscious AND subconscious mind to attain the true NitroMind Golf experience in your game.

Awakening Your Golf Mind - Designed to tune your mind towards your own excellence and walks you into your own peak state. This audio coaches you into your own "flow" state in an effortless way: exactly how you'll learn to play the game.

Building a Winner's Mindset - What does it mean to be a winner? What does winning mean to you? How can you play from a place that allows you to experience victory time after time? IN this session you'll step into a true winner's mindset that is the determining factor in all great rounds.

Say Goodbye to Negative Nerves - When was the last time you felt the swing killing, putt rattling effects of nerves? It may be the single biggest challenge for most golfers. Not anymore! You'll get dialed in on an unconscious level so you "forget" to even get nervous. It's an amazing feeling when you can golf with controlled nerves.

The Slump Killer - everyone has been in a slump at some point. The issue is how LONG do you stay in one. This process is unique and fast tracks your way OUT of a slump before it takes hold and starts killing your confidence. Even when returning from an injury we might lack confidence and this technique can help here too!

The Perfect Pre Shot Routine - Here you'll be walked through how to design the best pre-shot routine for YOU. And you'll learn our most powerful strategy yet for creating consistency. You will never look at your game the same way once you master this...

Enter the Zone - Yes, it does exist and you can learn, in a simple way, to step into the zone. To play from the state of pure flow where everything feels effortless, easy and fun. In fact it feels down right exhilarating! There's nothing like this feeling in golf and now you can actually make it happen by design. NO-ONE is teaching this!

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Life is mobile nowadays and sometimes you might want to get coaching while you're on the road, travelling or even right on the golf course! Just grab your favourite device and get some coaching!

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This bonus lesson goes into the exact techniques and strategies for taking your very best driving range swings out onto the golf course! This alone is worth the full price of the entire course. Just imagine how much better you'll be when you can make swings on the golf course just like when you're hitting pure shots at the range.

This is a proprietary strategy and it is sought after by ALL handicap levels. It was originally taught only to top players but it made sense to work with mid and higher handicap players also. After all, who really needs to take their best swing to the course?! I guess a better question is: who doesn't?!

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Shot a 6 Under Par 66!

I want to thank you for the advice/help this morning. I used what you said and was truly amazed at my putting results. Shot a 66, -6 with 27 putts!! The putting was the impressive part, I did not have a single yip! I actually had fun putting and knew that they were going in and with a perfect putting stroke. Thanks again and look forward to learning more! Regards,

Matt Mitchell, Portfolio Manager - NY, USA

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End the self-sabotage program that prevents you from achieving your potential. You know what I mean. You're close to shooting a personal low score and all those "bad" shots seem to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

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PS; We understand you want to make sure you're not wasting your money on false promises. We guarantee this will transform your game from the inside out. The methods and techniques are so simple (but crazy powerful) and you'll see results right away. And they last.

PPS; Our secret process, only used with private clients and NitroMind Golf members called the Circle of Excellence, is a game changer in the truest sense of those words. When you learn this technique you will never go back to the old way you used to play. This exercise integrates everything we teach into one, simple pre-shot routine. It's literally the doorway into playing effortless golf on auto-pilot.

PPPS; There's nothing quite like that exhilarating feeling of knowing you have an edge over everyone you play against, no matter how good they think they are! You'll know things about your mind and the game of golf that are like having an unfair advantage over those who don't know this stuff. If you're like most of our students you won't want to share this with your friends or competitors! Hey, we completely understand 🙂

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